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Bounty has long been “the Quicker Picker-Upper,” and is 2x more absorbent* so you can handle big clean-ups and still use less. With Bounty Select-A-Size, the small but powerful Picker-Upper lets you clean up messes you think you’d need a big sheet for. Bounty Basic is the strong, but affordable, picker-upper. It’s 50% stronger** than the leading bargain towel and affordably priced. Bounty DuraTowel is the only paper towel that’s clinically proven to leave surfaces 3X cleaner than a germy dishcloth.

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* vs. the leading ordinary brand 11” x 8.8”
**vs. the Custom-Size-It ® brand 5.5” X 11” Custom-Size-It® is a registered trademark of CASCADES CANADA INC

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