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Servings: 2 subs


  2 loaf hero-style French bread

  4 Tbs French's® Yellow Mustard

  4 Vlasic® Kosher DillStackers

  4 slices Swiss cheese

  6 slices Virginia ham

  4 Tbs roast pork, chopped or pulled

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Half the bread lengthwise.

Spread the mustard on both sides.

Add 2 pickle slices per sub on top of the mustard, then add the Swiss cheese on top of them.

Fold ham in half and add evenly. Then add the pork on top of the ham.

Fold Subs together and grill until bread is nice and toasty and cheese is melted.

Tip: You can place a large, heavy pan on top while grilling to make this a true Panini!